Rien à déclarer?

US/Canada Border Officer: “Are you coming for business or pleasure sir?”
Me: “Business”
Officer: “What is the nature of your stay?”
Me: “I’m a web developer and I’m meeting with a client in Oregon to discuss a project.”
Border Officer: “What’s the name of the client?”
Me: “pMachine.”
Officer: “Are you bringing any websites with you?
Me: Blank stare
Officer: “Do you have any websites in the car, sir?
Me: “Ummm… no, websites are on servers; I’m not bringing anything physical with me.”
Officer: “Then how do you bring them to your client?”
Me: “Umm… I’m actually just going to meet with the client to discuss a website, I’m not bringing them anything.”
Officer: “Okay, then, enjoy your stay.”
( 30 seconds of silence )
Heather: “Next time, you say, ‘For pleasure.’”

Bennet-Chamberlain, Jesse. Redesigning the ExpressionEngine Site. Digital Web Magazine.


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